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The Archives Partnership Trust was established in 1992 to build an endowment of public and private funds to ensure the continued excellence of the New York State Archives.

Endowment is an institution's invested capital that generates funds to be used in perpetuity, to support an institution. 

In May 2002, the Partnership Trust submitted an application for a National Endowment for the Humanities Challenge Grant that would more than double its current endowment. In anticipation of receiving the new NEH Challenge in December 2002, donors may designate their gifts to be eligible for NEH Challenge matching funds. 

The endowment:

  • helps to ensure the continued excellence of the New York State Archives through the support of research, preservation, and access projects
  • supports teacher training institutes, lifelong learning programs, and educational publications, teacher curriculum and resource guides.
  • supports the Larry J. Hackman Research Residencies. Since its inception in 1996, the program has sponsored over fifty fellows, many of whom were funded with the assistance of a three-year grant from the Henry Luce Foundation, Inc. (1998-2000) and a gift from the Susan and Elihu Rose Foundation, Inc.

Projects and Programs Supported by the Archives Endowment Funds 
The Archives Endowment funds had made possible many important research projects, exhibits and public programs, education programs and initiatives, and access projects:

Archives Research Projects 

The Larry J. Hackman Research Residency Program is a nationally recognized fellowship program, which supports advanced research in such areas as history, law, public policy, geography and culture. 

Civil War Records. The extensive Civil War collections at the State Archives have been made more accessible with the publication of The Union Preserved: A Guide to Civil War Records in the New York State Archives (Fordham University Press, 1998). 

The Student Research Award Program promotes and recognizes excellence in student research and encourages students in grades 4-12 to explore the wealth of historical records in New York. 

The State University at Albany New York History Conference.The Archives and the Partnership Trust cosponsored, with the Department of History at the State University at Albany, Researching New York 2000, Perspectives on Empire State History

The Union Preserved: New York and the Civil War, the three-day symposium, featured noted national scholars and historians.

Book Signings. Partnership Trust support has underwritten many public book signings and receptions.

The Emancipation Proclamation. A special lecture and exhibition,Thenceforward, and Forever Free, was sponsored by the Partnership Trust in May 1998. 

Family History Day celebrated the Archives' twentieth anniversary and set a record for an Archives event with attendance of 800 guests.

The Erie Canal 175th Anniversary celebration included a symposium, songs from the Erie Canal and a dramatization including the experience of enslaved African Americans fleeing to Canada on the Canal. 

A Monument to Progress: the 175th Anniversary of the Erie Canal, Partnership Trust support enabled the Archives to conserve and exhibit thirty-one, never-before-exhibited drawings of the Erie Canal.

Education Programs and Initiatives

Teacher Institutes: The Master Teacher Institute, conducted in summer 1999, provided an opportunity for experienced teachers to explore the potential of using archival resources to support the goals of the new learning standards. 

The Erie Canal Teacher Institute, a year-long training endeavor, provides assistance to teachers who are preparing their students to meet the new fifth-grade assessments. 

Erie Canal: New York's Gift to the Nation, a document-based resource guide for teachers, that supports a range of K-12 learning activities directed toward helping educators teach state and local history (Cobblestone Publishing Company, 2001). 

Preservation and Access Projects

Save America's Treasures. The Partnership Trust made possible the Archives' acceptance of an $80,000 grant from the prestigious National Historic Trust's Save America's Treasures program by providing matching funds. 

Internet Marketing and Web Site Redesign. The Partnership Trust is financing a major Internet marketing project and redesign of the present site that will be launched in spring 2002. 

Jewish History Resources in New York State. A compendium of all the archival sources of Jewish history in the state.