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New York's Dutch Colonial Records

The 12,000 pages of Dutch governmental records (1638-1670) held by the New York State Archives are among the oldest surviving European records created on the American continent. They reveal the economic, political, religious, and civil and criminal concerns of the state’s earliest European inhabitants. The national significance of these records was recently recognized when the White House gave them the official designation of "American Treasure."

These Dutch records document a dynamic, 32-year period in American history that was dominated by a society very different from neighboring New England. The New Netherland colony was the first truly multi-ethnic colony in North American, with only half of its inhabitants actually coming from the Netherlands.

A sampling of Dutch colonial records for adoption:

green arrow Registers of the Provincial Secretary, 1638 – 1660
green arrow Correspondence between the Colonial Council and the Dutch West India Co. 1646 –1664
green arrow Council Minutes 1638 – 1664
green arrow Fort Orange Records 1652 – 1660
green arrow Curacao Papers 1640 – 1665