Did you know that New York’s archives counted among the nation’s most valuable cultural resources and extend back more than three centuries?

Established in 1992, the Partnership Trust supported the excellence of the State Archives and helped broaden public access to this invaluable New York asset. As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, it offered individuals, organizations and corporations several giving options to join its Circle of Friends, including endowment, capital funding (directed to renovating the Archives’ facility), the Adopt History program, Annual Appeal, targeted project grants, and gifts in-kind.

The New York State Archives has a new website. The website is http://www.archives.nysed.gov/aindex.shtml.

About the New York State Archives

What do treason papers written by Benedict Arnold, the Flushing Remonstrance  the first expression of religious freedom in America, construction records of the Erie Canal, electronic 1970 State Census data, vintage photographs, war muster rolls, thousands of movie scripts, and 130 million other historic

treasures have in common with "History Happened Here" kiosks, community heritage preservation programs, grants to safeguard important community records, cyber links to history, and support to community schools to enrich classroom learning?

These are some of the significant holdings and services from an invaluable resource: the New York State Archives, a division of the University of the State of New York. This nationally acclaimed state organization has a magnificently noble mission: to preserve and make accessible the essential recorded evidence – past, present and future – of New York’s governments, organizations, peoples, and events to anyone and everyone...from Buffalo to Montauk Point, from Plattsburgh to Binghamton.

Meeting – and often exceeding – national standards for preservation and program excellence, the Archives has received virtually every major award given by the archival profession. It’s rich and varied holdings and programs let every resident across the state have an opportunity for life long learning by experiencing a vast treasure trove of information evidencing New York’s important role in our nation’s history, as well as the contributions of ordinary residents over the last three and one-half centuries.

The Archives is truly the place where history goes on record – enabling others to embrace the past, gain perspective on the present, and enhance the future.

Some Facts

  • The State Archives houses over 130 million archival documents dating from 1630 Dutch colonial times to the present.
  • The Archives responds to over 60,000 research requests and logs over 590,000 user sessions on its website annually.
  • During the year 2001 alone, the Archives would have trained more than 400 new teachers to use New York’s historical records in classrooms, reaching at least 12,000 students preparing for the 5th Grade Social Studies Exam.
  • Through research and new interpretative programs, the Archives had enriched the understanding of Erie Canal, the Civil War, the Underground Railroad, among other topics.
  • The Archives was a lead partner with the Encyclopedia Project for New York State.
  • In the past, the Archives has engaged over 60 scholars and 100 master teachers to use New York’s historical records to bring history to education and public forums.
  • The State Archives reaches every community throughout New York…saving community heritage, improving citizen access to important records, and enriching education and life-long learning.